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Magic Iron-on

Perfect for labeling clothing, you'll never lose a school jumper again!
These labels come in packs of 30, 50 & 100.
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Iron-on Label Colour:
Magic Iron-on labels are white background & blue writing only.
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Label Type: clothing label iron on only

Label Size: 50x9mm

Label Colour: Magic Iron-on label's are white background and blue text only as it is this combo we have found not to fade the quickest.

Label Instructions:

We provide extra labels – please practice on old clothing

  1. Preheat the iron on cotton setting without steam
  2. Peel off label and place on garment
  3. Cover label with baking paper and apply your iron, pressing FIRMLY over the whole label for 10 seconds
  4. Make sure you press the iron on all edges and corners
  5. Repeat as needed to ensure the label s firmly applied and not lifting at any point
  6. Heat and pressure bind these labels to the garment
  7. Allow garments to cool before use

NEVER put your iron directly onto Magic Iron-on label! It will melt onto your iron.

Washing machine and tumble dryer safe

If your label sticks to the baking paper, your iron is too hot. If your label melts, you have ironed too long.

Ensure synthetic and delicate materials are protected from the heat of the iron with a cloth