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Woven Labels

One of our best sellers, the woven label You can iron it in place to prepare for sewing.
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Sales price $ 45.00
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Woven labels can take up to 28 days to produce. Therefore if you have ordered other items with your woven labels, your entire order will be dispatched within or up to 28 business days.
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Label Type: woven iron on then sew on clothing label

Label Size: 65x15mm

Label Instructions: 

We provide extra labels – please practice on old clothing

  1. Place on garment in correct position
  2. Iron label with hot iron (no steam), PRESS FIRMLY
  3. Sew by hand or with machine as required
  4. Washing machine and tumble dryer safe

If you have any problems with your labels please call Simply Stuck for assistance.

WARNING: Choking hazard if swallowed.